Discover India - Sky Warriors of India

The Indian sky warriors are an amazing bunch. It is a matter of pride to see such amazing aircrafts that make every Indian proud. Lets take a look at them

Hansa, designed and developed by India's National Aerospace Laboratories, is an ideal light aircraft for training, sport and hobby flying. It could be used for surveillance missions, aerial photography, coast guard duty and for environmental monitoring.

Surya Kiran is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Indian Air Force. Painting the Indian Tricolour in the skies, "Surya Kiran" means "rays of the sun". It was formed in 1982 when the IAF was celebrating its Golden Jubilee, and was called the 'Thunderbolts'. The Thunderbolts were rechristened 'Surya Kiran' in 1996. The Surya Kirans are based at Air Force Station Bidar, Karnataka, which looks after their technical, administrative and logistic aspects. The team consists of nine pilots, and exhibits various formations like the arrow, diamond and concluding with the hearts. HAL Kiran is the aircraft currently being used by the Indian Air Force aerobatic team Surya Kiran.

Saras is the first ever indigenously designed and developed light transport civilian aircraft designed by the National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) with cooperation from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). Saras made its maiden flight at the HAL airport in Bangalore in May 2004. Named after the Indian 'Saras crane' known for its grace and beauty in flight, it is built with the design objective of being able to carry between eight and 14 passengers and extendable to an 18-passenger variant, in multiple modes of operation.

Tejas (Sanskrit for "Radiance") is a lightweight, supersonic multirole tailless fighter aircraft being developed by India. Until the aircraft was formally named Tejas the project was known as the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). It is developed by the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and is being produced by HAL.

Dhruv (Sanskrit for "Pole Star") is a multi-role advanced helicopter made by HAL.

Sarang is the helicopter formation display team of the Indian Air Force, one of only three in the world, the others being two British teams; the Blue Eagles of the Army Air Corps and the Black Cats of the Royal Navy. Sarang means, 'Peacock' in Sanskrit, and is also the national bird of India.

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