Guidelines for Tata Building India Online Essay Competition

1. This competition is only for school students in Junior Category 6th to 8th Std. and Senior Category 9th to 12th Std.

2. One individual can participate only once in one academic session.

3. If the content is found to be copied or not original, the participant will be disqualified.

4. The topics are randomly distributed to avoid repetition.

5. The evaluation of the essays will be done by Judges and the decision of Judges will be abiding to all the participants.

6. By participating in the competition you agree to have read and understood the terms and conditions and abide by the same.

7. All content so generated will be IPR of Tata Building India and cannot be shared, published, or copied by any means without prior permission.

8. The results will be displayed on the website.

9. Tata Building India reserves the right to modify, restructure and withdraw the Tata Building India Online essay competition with 7 days' notice on its website.

10. This is to inform all participants and winners that government id cards, bank details, etc. may be collected from the participants/ winners of the competition, both off line and on line, for the purposes of reaching out to them with regards to their participation, winning of the competition and also distribution of prizes and reimbursement of travel expenses, as the case may be.

Student can participate both in School and Online essay competition as both are independent of each other.

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