Inspiring Indians - Madhavan

Madhavan, an IIT alumnus became an inspiration to many Indian farmers due to his farming techniques. From a very young age Madhavan was interested in mechanizing farming in India. So once he bought a land, he left his job and put his concentration only on farming. The first year was really awful as he didn’t know anything about farming and landed up doing everything by himself, hence he went to Israel to learn how to use water effectively. He then went to USA to meet his guru, who has since guided him. He used these effective ways to grow crops and kept learning more about farming by visiting many other Agrarian places. He goes on trips to learn more and there he encourages farmers to work in groups. He helps them learn new techniques and effectives ways of farming. The biggest group of farmers he inspired consists of 4500 farmers in Kerala. He is working towards making farmers’ groups to take loans and have their own processing units.

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