Inspiring Indians - Mahesh Shevade

Mahesh Shevade, a 42-year-old auto rickshaw driver from Kolhapur, has donated over 8,000 saplings to save earth. Here is a glimpse of his inspiring story.

Mahesh knows that the planet is heating up and believes that everybody should do something to solve this crisis. On his part he is always on the lookout of seeds under tress and waste bags to plant them in. He plants and nurtures them till they turn into saplings and then transfers them into the bags. These sapling are available to whoever asks him for one, that too free of cost. He encourages people to plant four trees each, be it at home or office, and carry a bottle of water for the plants and trees. 

Some of the saplings he has planted and delivered include cashew nut, almond, sugar-apple, jackfruit, mango, lemon, sacred fig (pimpal) and basil. Whenever Mahesh finds even a minute free, he rushes to his saplings and makes sure they are receiving proper care, such is his dedication.

Let’s share this inspiring story and encourage a good deed!

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