Inspiring Indians - P C Sorkar

Pratul Chandra Sorcar popularly known as P.C. Sorcar, was an internationally renowned Indian magician. Sorcar performed magic shows all over the world, repeatedly, in almost every major city of large and small countries and interacted with millions - starting from laymen to Hollywood film stars and great scientists to world leaders. Wherever he went, he enjoyed a thumping success and was lauded with awards and honours. He gave the art of Indian magic a dignified international standard. Under his light and lead, Indian magic became an art of international attraction. 

Early life

He was born on 23 February 1913 in a middle-class family in Bengal (now in Bangladesh). He was attracted to magic early and learned magic from Ganapati Chakravarti. While still at school, he started performing in magic shows. He graduated with honours in Mathematics. He then took up magic as a profession. 

Emperor of Magic

Known worldwide as Jadusamrat or Emperor of Magic, Sorcar's phenomenal success was magic by itself, but not achieved in one day. It was a whole life's dedication that made him one of the world's greatest magicians. His items were not mere tricks; each was a combination of modern science mixed with tastefully designed art. He cast his spell over the most unbelieving audiences and showcased before them what people thought was impossible. He wore royal robes and a turban for his performances. 

He was famous for his shows like the Rope Trick, the Flying Carpet, the X-Ray Eyes. The installation of his own creative magical work 'ind-dra-jal' brought him tremendous acknowledgement and popularity. 

He was an enthusiast who wanted to impart his magical tricks among next generation magicians. He formed an organization namely 'All India Magic Circle' to enable myriads of aspiring magicians to learn the nitty-gritty of magic. 

Books promoting Magic 

Sorcar's interest in writing books on magic flourished simultaneously with his magic shows. In his lifetime, he was a regular contributor of magic-articles to numerous magazines and journals throughout the country and was the author of over 22 books on magic, starting with "Hypnotism", which he wrote while still a college student. The success of the first book led to the other books such as "Mesmerism", "Chheleder Magic", "Magiker Kaushal", "Sahaj Magic", "Magic For You", "More Magic For You", "Hindu Magic", "100 Magic You Can Do", "Indrajal", "Deshe Deshe", "Sorcar on Magic", "History of Magic" etc. in Hindi, Bengali and English. 


Sorcar received numerous awards, honours, and recognition from different countries, state governments and the central government. In 1964, he was awarded the Padma Shri. His spectacular Ind-Dra-Jal show became part of India's cultural exchange programme. For his outstanding achievement in the world of magic, his name appeared in the first edition of 'World's Who's Who' and in hundreds of magazines throughout the world. 

P. C. Sorcar was a member of the societies of magicians in France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Japan. He was a member of the International Rotary Club and life member of the Royal Asiatic Society in London. The Calcutta branch of the International Society of Magicians of USA was named after him. A number of well-known writers of Europe have written books on him, the most famous being Sorcar: Maharaja of Magic. 

Sorcar died of a heart attack at the young age of 58 in Japan, on 6 January 1971, where he was performing his Ind-dra-jal.

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