Inspiring Indians - Priyanka Panda

Though India has come up with many ways to help keep the vehicular pollution under control, one innovation by a school girl from Bhubaneshwar has caught the nation’s eye. 

Priyanka Panda from Odisha has come up with an insightful way that will make motorists aware of the ways in which they contribute to the air pollution. Her innovation uses a monitor that is set up next to the odometer. This monitor displays a warning message and alerts the driver if he/she is wasting fuel and contributing to air pollution. 

For her idea, she received the 2016 IGNITE award from the President of India. IGNITE is a national competition of original technological innovations by the children younger than 17 years. And with the award, Priyanka hopes to share this idea with several vehicle manufacturers and help the nation reduce the vehicular pollution.

Let us support the innovation and put in our effort to bring down the vehicular pollution in India.

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