Inspiring Indians - Sairi Rahangdale

Dance has the power to change lives, and 13-year-old Sairi Rahangdale shows us that dance coupled with a big heart doesn’t only change but transform them for good.  

Bharatanatyam prodigy Sairi Rahangdale has performed in more than 200 programmes across India and has won many awards including the Kalashree Award, Rohilkand Award, Panchratna Award and Nrityashree Award. But, what is even more fascinating than her exceptional dance skills is the fact that the young girl selflessly donates all her earnings to providing books, bags and uniforms to poor children living in her neighbourhood. 

She also open-heartedly teaches Bharatanatyam to these children for free and ensures that no student of hers leaves home without eating a home-cooked lunch prepared by her mother. Her parents take pride in her kind deeds and have supported her throughout.

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