Inspiring Indians - Shaila Brijnath

Started in 2009 under a bridge in Dehradun, the Aasraa Trust was a brainchild of Shaila Brijnath. An ex-investment banker from US, Shaila began working for the Latika Roy Foundation after quitting her job.   

Aasraa Trust came into being when Shaila came across kids from the slums with no education and healthcare. She started visiting these settlements to teach, bathe and groom around 30 kids every day. Local people joined in the work, helping Shaila build a small shed to conduct classes and enabling her to run as many as 13 programmes under the bridge. 

Today, Aasraa provides education to the underprivileged kids and work for the children with special needs. Apart from that, it also provides them with a hot meal every day, takes care of their medical expenses, provides them with basic study materials and teaches them to live a dignified life in and out of their classrooms. 

A big salute to Shaila Brijnath and her contributions in building India!

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