Tata World - Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is an inspiring city that every Indian should visit. In 1919, Lord Chelmsford named it Jamshedpur, in honour of its founder, whose birthday is celebrated on 3 March as Founder's Day.

The Vision

Founded by the late Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata (J.N.Tata), a pioneer in the field of modern industry and founding father of the Tata Group, Jamshetji planned the city in his mind, as clearly as he saw the steel plant. The great visualiser, however, did not live to see either the steel plant or a single tree of his beloved dream city. However, the guidelines he left behind for the future, provided a great foundation for the city to grow and flourish.

Jamshetji dreamt of gardens, tree-lined roads, airy and spacious homes with lawns, parks for the city to breathe, playgrounds to stretch young limbs, places of worship for people of all faiths and lots more. Jamshetji died in 1904 before witnessing the full realisation of his dreams.

Amazing Facts about Jamshedpur

The original name of Jamshedpur was Sakchi
The Railway station at Jamshedpur is known as Tatanagar
The Tatanagar Railway Station was earlier known as Kalimati
Jamshedpur is also called the Steel City. It is home to the first private Iron and Steel company of India, Tata Steel. It is also host to one of the oldest business schools in India - XLRI (Xavier Labour Relaions Institute)
It is reputed to be one of the most well planned and well maintained cities in India

The Jubilee Park

Jamshedpur's landscape is dotted with numerous well-planned and meticulously maintained recreational spots. The city boasts of many small and large parks. The lush green Jubilee Park, adorned with flower beds, gardens and illuminated fountains has a zoo and an amusement park. It was presented by Tata Steel to the citizens of Jamshedpur on the completion of its 50 years. The park is a near replica of the famous Brindavan Gardens in Mysore.

The Laser show and the musical fountains is an excellent centre of attraction for the visitors. A unique combination of dazzling lights and fountains, the show is the first of its kind in India. It is inspired by the musical fountains and laser installation at Sentosa Island, Singapore.