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Tata Building India School Essay Competition

The essay competition is a two-phase activity across all the participating schools in the country for students of classes 6th – 12th. The first phase consists of showcasing inspirational Tata-linked films which hopefully stimulate young minds to think about the nation. Following this, students are asked a few questions based on the films. Thereafter, the students are requested to write an essay on a given topic of national significance.

To ensure a level playing field, the students are divided into 2 participating categories across all languages (Junior - Classes 6th – 8th and Senior - Classes 9th – 12th).

Topic of the essay competition
The underlying theme/topic is always about nation building. The topics are carefully chosen for students to be both creative and insightful.
Some of the previous years' topics were:

Digital Technology: How does it improve your life? What do you think should be done with digital technology for the progress of our country and its citizens?

How can you keep the place you live in - your home, your school - a neat and clean place?

What would you do to make India a happy country?

How will Science and Technology change our lives in the future, and what should India do to stay ahead in the game?

What should India do to win 20 gold medals in 2016 Olympics?

What can we do as a country and its citizens to reduce poverty and ensure basic amenities for every Indian?

As a young Indian, you have an opportunity to shape our country's future. What are the biggest challenges facing our country? What would be your priorities? and what role could you play to make India a happy and prosperous nation?

If I were the Prime Minister of India, what would I do to make India a super power by 2020?

Describe your views on how cleanliness impacts national development and health; and how can you encourage your locality and city to adopt cleanliness and promote healthy living?

What should we do to make our education system prepare us for a better tomorrow?

Judging process
The essays, written only once by the students, are evaluated at 3 levels: first at the school level, followed by the city level and finally at the national level.

School Level

Essays at the school level are evaluated by judges appointed by the same school. 1 winner and 2 runners-up are identified in both the categories - Junior (Classes 6th – 8th) and Senior (Classes 9th – 12th), depending on the strength of participation in the respective categories. Therefore, normally a total of 6 students are given prizes at each participating school . The prizes* usually include a combination of certificates, medals and Tata Building India merchandise.


City Level

The essays of the school level winners across all the schools from each city for both categories (Junior & Senior) are evaluated by a panel of 2 independent judges drawn from academic or literary fields of the same city/region/state. 1 Winner and 1 runner-up is identified by the judges from each city and for each language in both the categories (Junior & Senior) depending on the strength of the participation in the respective categories. Therefore, normally 4 students are again given prizes* for each language at the city level.

The city level winners and runners-up are felicitated by the Tata Group at specially organized city-level events. The prizes* at the city level usually include a combination of e-certificates, e-medals and a gift voucher.


National Level

The city level winners' essays in both categories (Junior & Senior) from each city are finally judged by an elite panel composed of eminent judges drawn from academic and literary fields at the national level for the respective language. 1 winner and 2 runners-up are identified in both the categories (Junior & Senior) for each language, depending on the strength of the participation in the respective categories. Therefore, normally 6 students are once again given prizes* for each language at the national level.

The national level winners and runners-up are felicitated by the Tata Group at a specially organized national level event in New Delhi. The national level winners and runners-up get an opportunity to visit the Rashtrapati Bhavan and meet a national dignitary face-to-face. The prizes* at the national level also usually include a combination of e-certificates, e-medals and gift vouchers of significant value.

Conditions apply*
Rewards and recognition

The winners and runners-up at each edition of the Tata Building India School Essay Competition are rewarded 3 levels: first at the school level, followed by city level and finally at the national level.

The school level winners are awarded at the schools, and special functions are held to felicitate city level winners at a regional level. The national level winners are felicitated in New Delhi. Prizes* at the school level include certificates, medals and special Tata Building India merchandise. The city winners and the runners-up receive online gift vouchers, e-certificates and e-medals. The national level winners receive online gift vouchers of significant value as the grand prize as also e-certificates and e-medals.

The crowning moment for the national winners and the runners-up is the intended visit to the Rashtrapati Bhavan and a face-to-face meeting with a national dignitary.

Addressing the national level winners of 2019-20 and 2020-21 at Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Honourable President of India, Shrimati Droupadi Murmu said:
“In your shiny faces I see the country’s bright future. I urge you to dream big and try hard to realise your dream. When India will celebrate its hundred years of independence, I hope that whatever field you will be working in, your contribution will be for the betterment of the country as a whole.I also commend your teachers and parents who have encouraged you to pursue excellence by nurturing you, and encouraging your participation in this very important initiativeI appreciate Tata group for organising this nation building initiative every year.My message to all of you is that you should try to do well while doing good.Wishing you success, happiness, and joy in your life.”
Addressing the winners of 2015-16 at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Former President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind said
“Children of India are the future of this great nation. They are the crucial building blocks of the nation that we seek to build…It is important that you dream and set up goals for yourselves and then work towards those goals with dedication, integrity and commitment. Always remain positive and never let failures deter you.”
Former President of India Shri Pranab Kumar Mukherjee said,
"I would like to congratulate the students, and Tatas for organizing this essay writing competition. We are simply fascinated by your ideas expressed here. The constitutional promise of equality, liberty and justice can be realized when dreams of young minds are translated into reality. This initiative taken by Tatas to invite the young minds to write about how to build this country and transform socio-economic conditions is extremely welcome. Students should be righteous, truthful and shouldn’t deviate from their conviction to achieve their goals."
According to the Former President of India, Smt. Pratibha Patil,
"Education is the 'wealth' which will remain with these students forever. The effort taken by the Tata group to inculcate the sense of nation building in the youth is commendable. I appreciate the talent of the winners who participated in this competition and their capacity to think about the solutions to the problems of the country. With such capabilities, the students from different parts of the nation will bring about inclusive growth in the country."
Congratulating the winners of the Tata Building India Essay Competition, Former President of India, late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said,
"The ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and under the earth..."
Conditions apply*

Entry to the competition for schools is by invitation only, and organizers reserve the right to accept or reject any application for registration and access to the proceedings.

Students cannot participate on their own in this competition. Students have to join through their respective schools.

The English/Hindi/regional language version competition will be only conducted in schools where the medium of instruction is necessarily English/Hindi/regional language, respectively.

There is no entry or registration fee.

A student can participate only once from their school. They must produce valid identification and contact details if the organizers require them.

The Competition (film screening and essay writing) has to be conducted at the school premises during the pre-scheduled/pre-agreed timings. Essay entries can be disqualified for not following the prescribed procedure.

The essay topics are different for each year. Essays will only be considered if the essay is written on the given topic for that year.

The organizers retain the right to make any changes to the event, including but not limited to its format, date, rules, prizes, etc., without any prior notice.

Once you participate in this competition, you indicate your acceptance of the format, prizes, and organizers' decisions, including judging essays at the school, city, and national level, which will be final and binding.

The participants and attendees permit themselves to be photographed/recorded by electronic, online, and print media for telecast and publication by entering the competition. They further consent to be contacted by their given contact details.

The participants and winners of this essay competition grant the organizers irrevocable, worldwide, exclusive, royalty-free and perpetual rights to use their essays in any way, shape or form that the organizers deem fit.

All national/state level winners will be provided stay and return travel for the national award ceremony only from the city of victory, i.e., their city of participation.

Organizers will arrange for the prize distribution for winners and runners-up through their event management agency. Any loss of prizes during transit or due to any other reason, would not be the organizers' responsibility and hence wouldn't be liable for replacement.

All decisions taken by the organizers will be final and binding on all issues related to Tata Building India School Essay Competition.

Conditions apply*

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